Methamphetamine forum - aUCKLAND JUNE 2017


Please note the presentations were provided in context at the forum and are not for general public distribution.

Overview of methamphetamine use and support servicesAlistair White, Community Alcohol and Drugs Service

Supporting young peopleBen Birks Ang, Odyssey / New Zealand Drug Foundation 

WAKATIKAORA- Denis O'Reilly, Mokai Whānau Ora CAYAD

Methamphetamine trends among frequent drug users: IDMS 2006-2015 - Chris Wilkins, Massey University

RESOURCES and notes:

Workshop overview and ideas for action - compiled by NCT & Ministry of Health

Did you know? Methamphetamine video and poster - Odyssey / AOD Provider Collaborative / Drug Foundation 

Methamphetamine resource list - courtesy of Alistair White 

nATIONAL HUI 2016 - Wellington


Keynote presentation - SIR MASON DURIE

What it means to have a population health focus

Keeping Young People Engaged in Education 

Discussion guide for working with schools - New Zealand Drug Foundation discussion document  

Roles for CAYAD in schools (prep sheet for the rap battle)

CAYAD's critical questions for schools (responses from card storming exercise)

Bullying prevention and response guide for schools (useful guidance on whole school approaches and creating positive school environments)

Stakeholder engagement 

Stakeholder analysis tool - use this simple grid to identify the people who can help drive your projects forward